Chairs of the commission

Chair: Guillaume Touya, IGN France, Univ. Gustave Eiffel (firstname.lastname(at)

Guillaume Touya

Guillaume Touya is a senior researcher at IGN France (the French mapping agency) and Univ. Gustave Eiffel, and has been an active member of the Generalisation commission since 2005. He holds a PhD degree and a Habilitation degree in Geographical Information Science from Paris Est University. His research interests include map generalization and automated multi-scale cartography, with a focus on the cartography of volunteered geographic information.



Izabela Karsznia

Vice-chair: Izabela Karsznia, University of Warsaw, Poland (i.karsznia(at)




Vice-chair: Nicolas Regnauld, ESRI (nregnauld(at)




Vice-chair: Timofey Samsonov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia (tsamsonov(at)




Lawrence V. Stanislawski

Vice-chair: Lawrence V. Stanislawski, USGS, USA (lstan(at)  

Members of the commission

Members of the commission are those making it active. The current state of the following list is based on the participants of annual workshop of the last two years.

Name of the member Institution Country
Meysam Aliakbarian Univ. of Zürich Switzerland
Vincent van Altena Kadaster Netherlands
Dogan Altundag Kadaster Netherlands
Serdar Aslan General Command Mapping Turkey
Pia Bereuter FHNW University Switzerland
Jagadish Boodala Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur India
Cynthia Brewer Pennsylvania State University USA
Marc-Olivier Briat ESRI USA
Dirk Burghardt TU Dresden Germany
Barabara Buttenfield University of Colorado USA
Tobias Dahinden University of Hannover Germany
Cécile Duchêne IGN/LASTIG France
Pieter Erauw IGN-NGI Belgium
Hongchao Fan Technische Universität München Germany
Anne Féchir IGN-NGI Belgium
Anna Fiedukowicz Warsaw University of Technology Poland
Nick Gould University of Manchester UK
Stefan Hahmann Dresden University of Technology Germany
Lars Harrie University of Lund Sweden
Jan-Henrik Haunert University of Würzburg Germany
Dominik Käuferle SwissTopo Switzerland
Bin Jiang University of Gävle Sweden
Shen Jie Nanjing University China
William Mackaness University of Edinburgh UK
Bo Mao Geoinformatics, KTH Sweden
Martijn Meijers TU Delft Netherlands
Wouter Meulemans TU Eindhoven Netherlands
Sébastien Mustière IGN/LASTIG France
Byron Nakos University of Athens Greece
Ron Nijhuis Kadaster Netherlands
Robert Olszewski Warsaw University of Technology Poland
Peter van Oosterom TU Delft Netherlands
Woojin Park Seoul National University South Korea
Agata Pillich-Kolipińska Warsaw University of Technology Poland
Daniel Pilon Natural Resources Canada Canada
Karsten Pippig TU Dresden Germany
Maria Pla Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya Spain
Marc Post TU Delft Netherlands
Edith Punt ESRI USA
Paolo Raposo Pennsylvania State University USA
Nico Regnauld ESRI USA/France
Andreas Reimer German Research Centre f. Geosciences Germany
Timofey Samsonov Lomonosov State University Russia
Sandro Savino University of Padova Italy
Monika Sester University of Hannover Germany
Özlem Simav General Command Mapping Turkey
Larry Stanislawski USGS-CEGIS USA
Christian Stern Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Germany
Jantien Stoter Kadaster & TU Delft Netherlands
Emmanuel Stefanakis University of Calgary Canada
Stanisław Szombara AGH University of Science and Technology Poland
Guillaume Touya IGN/LASTIG France
Anna Vetter Esri Switzerland Ltd. Switzerland
Mark Ware University of Glamorgan UK
David Watkins ESRI USA
Robert Weibel Univ. of Zurich Switzerland
Luan Xuechen Wuhan University China
Min Yang Wuhan University China
Xiang Zhang Sun Yat-Sen University China

Member registration and mailing list

Send an e-mail to Guillaume Touya (firstname.lastname(at)