PhD dissertations

(page under construction)

This page aims to welcome any PhD dissertation related to the field of the commission.

If you wish to see your dissertation here, please send an Email to Sebastien Mustiere (firstname.lastname(at) with the following information:

  • Title of the dissertation (+ title in English if necessary)
  • Name of the author
  • University (PhD’s affiliation)
  • Year
  • Language of the dissertation
  • A set of key words
  • A link to download it (pdf preferred, please no big document by email).

You may also send us the dissertation of one colleague/student, but please be sure they agree with it and there are no privacy/copyright issue.


A solution to the problem of the generalization of the Italian geographical databases from large to medium scale: approach definition, process design and operators implementation pdf

Author Sandro Savino, University of Padova, Italy
Language English
Keywords Model generalization, medium large scales, data enrichment, selection, typification, simplification


Web-based architecture for on-demand maps: integrating meaningful generalization processing pdf

Author Theodor Foerster, ITC, Faculty of University of Twente, Netherlands
Language English
Keywords Generalization operators, formalization, base maps, on-demand, user profiles, Web Processing Service, Generalization-enabled WMS, Clarity.