2nd ICA Workshop - Papers and program

S1: Map Production Systems – Critique of the State of the Art

Dan Lee Establish the Rules, Integrate the Tools, and Approach the Reality of Generalization

María Pla and Blanca Baella Use of Generalization Tools at the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya

Nico J. Bakker Generalization in Practice with Topographical Databases in the Netherlands

S2: Knowledge Acquisition and Encoding

Geoffrey Edwards Geocognostics and Map Generalisation

Barbara Buttenfield and Ming-Hsiang Tsu Encapsulated Operators for Processing Geographic Information

Jan Neumann Reengineering Generalization: A Tool Solving its Cognitive Function Crisis

Zhen Tian Cartographic Generalization: Its Way of Thinking and Practice

Agnes Gryl and Geoffrey Edwards Description in Natural Language and Cartographic Generalization: Similar Functionalities?

S3: Modelling Semantics and Non-Spatial Structure

John van Smaalen Class Aggregation in Database Generalization

Jan Terje Bjørke Positional Entropy Based Map Generalization

Francis Harvey A Semantical Framework for the Geometric Matching of Geographic Information

Dietrich Schürer Model Generalization in Digital Systems

Ingrid Jaquemotte Methods of Raster Graphics for Partial Tasks of Map Generalization [abstract only]

S4: Modelling Geometric Spatial Structure

Allan Brown Spatial Data Generalization by means of Georeferenced Square Tiling

Zhilin Li Philosophical, Conceptual and Algorithmic Issues in Automated Map Generalization

Geoffrey Dutton Using a Global Hierarchical Coordinate System for Generalization of Vector Map Data

Dianne E. Richardson Current Development Acitivities and Interests in Automated and Semi-Automated Generalization at CCRS

Bo Su A Methodology for Building Models for Generalization Operations Using Mathematical Morphology [abstract only]

Weiping Yang Spatial Database and Dynamic Object Generalization Coupled with a Map Agent [abstract only]

S5: Quality – Assessment and Constraints

Thomas Wilke Quality Measures for Generalized Terrain Models

Byron Nakos Fractal Geometry Theory in Performing Automated Map Generalization Operations

Olli Jaakkola Automatic Generalization of Categorial Coverages

Robert B. McMaster and Howard Veregin Visualizing Cartographic Generalization

Jean-Philippe Lagrange Analysis of Constraints and of Their Relationship with Generalization Process Management

Frank Brazile A Proposal for Quality Evaluation in Generalization [abstract only]

S6: Techniques in Conflict Detection and Resolution

Peter Højholt Solving Local and Global Space Conflicts Using a Finite Element Method Adapted from Structural Mechanics

Dirk Burghardt Automated Displacement by Energy Minimization

Francois Lecordix Conflict Detection in PlaGe

J. Mark Ware and Chris Jones Conflict Resolution Strategies Based on Object Displacement and Trial Positions

Lifan Fei and Dietmar Grünreich Symbol Displacement in Cartographic Generalization on the Basis of a Hybrid Data Structure

S7: Synthesis – Integration, Strategies and Control

Anne Ruas Generalization of an Urban Situation by Means of Road Selection and Building Aggregation, Typification and Displacement

William A. Mackaness Automatic Strategies of Cartographic Design

Corinne Plazanet Line Generalization Mechanisms and Caricature Algorithms

Darka Mioc Spatio-Temporal Map Generalizations in the Dynamic Voroni Data Model