4th ICA Workshop - Papers


Single Detailed Database VS Multiple Scale Databases for Map Production, Database Update VS Map Update (Report) On demand mapping (Report) Maps for navigation (Report)

Papers and presentations

Robert Weibel, University of Zurich, Switzerland Challenges for Generalization and Web Mapping Oral presentation

Paul Hardy and Kelvin Haire, Laser-Scan Ltd., Cambridge UK Generalization, Web Mapping and Data Delivery over the Internet Oral presentation

Dan Lee and Roland Hansson, ESRI Redlands, USA Integration of Generalization and Text Placement in ArcGIS Oral presentation

Henry L. Jackson, Intergraph, Huntsville, USA Creating and Generalizing Linear Networks PaperOral presentation

Sjef van der Steen, ITC Enschede, The Netherlands Publishing on Demand, Technical Possibilities and Limitations PaperOral presentation

Joan Romeu, ICC Technical Advances in Digital Cartography at the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya

Liqiu Meng, Technical University of Munich, Germany ATKIS - Model Generalization and On-demand Cartographic Visualization Oral presentation

Anne Ruas, Institut Géographique National, St-Mandé, France Tests of Generalization Software by the OEEPE Working Group on Generalization Oral presentation

Peter Højholt, KMS, København, Denmark Integration of Generalization into Map Production: Putting it All Together

François Lecordix, Institut Géographique National, St-Mandé, France Project Carto2001, A Cartographic Space Odyssey Oral presentation

Matthias Ekkehard, City of Hamburg, Germany Maps as an Important Part of Internet Presentation of a Large City Oral presentation

Anne Ruas, Institut Géographique National, St-Mandé, France Project AGENT: Overview and Results of a European R and D Project in Map Generalization Oral presentation