5th ICA Workshop - Papers


Semantic Report

Data Update Report

Common Platform Report

Common Test Data and Benchmark Report

Papers and presentations

Mats Bader and Mathieu Barrault (U Zurich) Cartographic Displacement in Generalization: Introducing Elastic Beams PaperOral presentation

Blanca Baella and Maria Pla (ICC Barcelona) Map Names Generalization at the Institut Cartografic de Catalunya PaperOral presentation

Marianne Bengtson (KMS Denmark) Design and Implementing of Automatical Generalisation in a New Production Environment for Datasets in Scale 1:50.000 (- and 1:100.000) PaperOral presentation

Tao Cheng (University of Leicester) Quality Assessment of Model-Oriented Generalization PaperOral presentation

Yuen Hang Choi and Zhilin Li (HK PolyU) Correlation of Generalisation Effects with Thematic Attributes of Cartographic Objects PaperOral presentation

Mats Dunkars (SWECO Position, Sweden) Automatic Generation of a View to a Geographical Database PaperOral presentation

Martin Galanda (U Zurich) Optimization techniques for polygon generalization PaperOral presentation

Miguel Garriga and Geoff Baldwin (AAA) Generalization of Multiple Scale Maps from a Single Master Database PaperOral presentation

Qing Sheng Guo, Christoph Brandenberger and Lorenz Hurni, ETH (Zurich) A Progressive Line Simplification Algorithm PaperOral presentation

Kelvin Haire (Laser-Scan Ltd, Cambridge) Active Object and Agent Based Approaches to Automated Generalisation (incl. Demo) PaperOral presentation

Lars Harrie (U of Lund) Weight setting and Quality Assessment in Simultaneous Graphic Generalisation PaperOral presentation

Dan Lee (ESRI, Redlands) Moving Towards New Technology for Generalization PaperOral presentation

Sébastien Mustière and Cécile Duchêne (IGN France) Comparison of Different Approaches to Combine Road Generalisation Algorithms: GALBE, AGENT and CartoLearn PaperOral presentation

Byron Nakos (Natl Tech U Athens) On the Assessment of Manual Line Simplification Based on Sliver Polygon Shape Analysis PaperOral presentation

Beat Peter (U Zurich) Measures for the Generalization of Polygonal Maps with Categorical Data PaperOral presentation

Peter van der Poorten and Chris Jones (Cardiff U, UK) Feature Based Line Generalisation Using Delaunay Triangulation PaperOral presentation

Lilian Pun (HK Polytechnic University) Dynamic Representation of Vegetation Succession - A Preliminary Thought PaperOral presentation

Anne Ruas (IGN France) Overview of Some Research Projects at IGN France Oral presentation

Tiina Sarjakoski and Lassi Letho (Finnish Geodetic Inst.) Challenges of Information Society for Map Generalization PaperOral presentation

Monika Sester (University of Hannover) Kohonen Feature Nets for Typification PaperOral presentation

Andriani Skopeliti and Lysandros Tsoulos (Natl Tech U Athens) A Methodology for the Assessment of Generalization Quality PaperOral presentation

Marc van Kreveld (University of Utrecht) Smooth Generalization for Continuous Zooming PaperOral presentation

Mark Ware, Chris Jones, Nathan Thomas (U of Glamorgan and Cardiff, UK) A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Cartographic Map Generalization with Multiple Operators PaperOral presentation

Sheng Zhou and Chris Jones(U of Cardiff, UK) Multi-Scale Spatial Database and Map Generalisation. PaperOral presentation