7th ICA Workshop - Papers


Database issues: multiple representation, incremental update and topological modelling Report

Visualisation on small displays Report

Papers and presentations

Karl-Heinrich Anders (U Hannover) A Hierarchical Graph-Clustering Approach to find Groups of Objects PaperOral presentation

Blanca Baella and Maria Pla (ICC) An example of database generalization workflow: the Topographic Database of Catalonia at 1:25 000 PaperOral presentation

Sylvain Bard (COGIT) Evaluation of generalisation quality PaperOral presentation

Matthias Bobzien and Dieter Morgenstern (U Bonn) Abstracting and Formalizing Model Generalization PaperOral presentation

Dirk Burghardt and Alessandro Cecconi (U Zurich) Mesh Simplification for Building Selection PaperOral presentation

Cécile Duchêne (COGIT) Coordinative agents for automated generalisation of rural areas PaperOral presentation

Cécile Duchêne, Sylvain Bard, Xavier Barillot, Anne Ruas, Jenny Trévisan and Florence Holzapfel (COGIT) Quantitative and qualitative description of building orientation PaperOral presentation

Birgit Elias (U Hannover) Determination of Landmarks and Reliability Criteria for Landmarks PaperOral presentation

Andrea Forberg and Helmut Mayer (BU Munich) Squaring and Scale-Space Based Generalization of 3D Building Data PaperOral presentation

Martin Galanda (U Zurich) Modelling constraints for polygon generalization PaperOral presentation

Wenxiu Gao, Jianya Gong and Zhilin Li (U Wuhan, PU Hong Kong) Knowledge-based Generalization on Land-use Data Paper

Paul Hardy, Melanie Hayles and Patrick Revell (Laser-Scan) Clarity - a new Environment for Generalisation using AGENTS, JAVA, XML and Topology PaperOral presentation

Frédéric Hubert and Anne Ruas (COGIT) A method based on samples to capture user needs for generalisation PaperOral presentation

Bin Jang and Lars Harrie (U Gävle, U Lund) Cartographic Selection Using Self-Organizing Maps PaperOral presentation

Novit Kreiter (swisstopo) Multirepresentation Databases and Need for Generalization at swisstopo Oral presentation

Jagdish Lal and Liqiu Meng (TU Munich) Aggregation on the Basis of Structure Recognition PaperOral presentation

Dan Lee (ESRI) Recent Generalization Development and road ahead PaperOral presentation

Cécile Lemarié (IGN France) Generalisation process for Top100: research in generalisation brought to fruition PaperOral presentation

Robert McMaster (U of Minnesota) The Creation of Multiple Scale Databases in the NHGIS Oral presentation

Byron Nakos and Vassilis Mitropoulos (TU Athen) Local length ratio as a measure of critical points detection for line simplification PaperOral presentation

Nicolas Regnauld, (OS) Algorithms for the Amalgamation of Topographic Data Paper

Vince Smith (Intergraph) Generalization for Medium-Scale Mapping: Results and Statistics from One Production Implementation Oral presentation

Lichun Sui, (TU Munich) Acquisition of Generalization Knowledge using Matching Methods PaperOral presentation

J. Mark Ware, N. Thomas and Christopher Jones (U Glamorgan, U Cardiff) Resolving Graphic Conflict in Scale Reduced Maps: Refining the Simulated Annealing Technique PaperOral presentation

Ian D. Wilson, J. Mark Ware and J. Andrew Ware (U Glamorgan) Reducing Graphic Conflict In Scale Reduced Maps Using A Genetic Algorithm PaperOral presentation