8th ICA Workshop - Papers and program

Friday 20

Presentation of EuroSDR activites - Peter Woodsford Oral presentation

Session 1: Generalisation in NMA

Patrick Revell (UK,NMA) Building on Past Achievements: Generalising OS MasterMap Rural Buildings to 1:50 000 PaperOral presentation

Serdar Aslan, Cetinkaya B., Er Ilgin D.; Yildirim A. (Turkey, NMA) Some intermediate results of KartoGen generalization project in HGK PaperOral presentation

Adam Iwaniak, Chybicka I, Ostrowski, W (PL,NMA) Generalization of the topographic database to the vector map level 2 PaperOral presentation

Jantien Stoter, Kraak M J Knippers R A (NL / ITC) Generalisation of Framework Data: A Research Agenda PaperOral presentation

Session 2: GIS vendors proposals

Dan Lee (USA / ESRI) Geographic and cartographic contexts in generalization PaperOral presentation

Dieter Neuffer, T. Hopewell, P. Woodsford (UK / Laser-Scan) Integration of Agent-based generalisation with mainstream technologies and other system components PaperOral presentation

Vince Smith (USA / Intergraph) P. Watson (UK / Laser-Scan) Interoperability of Agent-based generalisation with open, geospatial clients PaperOral presentation

Paul Hardy, Briat, Eicher, Kressmann (USA / ESRI) Database driven cartography from a digital landscape model with multiple representations and overrides PaperOral presentation

Session 3: MRDB

Christelle Vangenot (CH / EPFL) Multi-representation in spatial databases using the MADS conceptual model PaperOral presentation

Karl-Heinrich Anders (G / ikg) J Bobrich (G / bkg) MRDB Approach for Automatic Incremental Update PaperOral presentation

Hanna Stigmar (SE / NMA) Merging route data and cartographic data PaperOral presentation

Jenny Trevisan (FR / COGIT) From DLM to multi representation DCM - Modelling an application on buildings PaperOral presentation

Dariusz Gotlib, M. Lebiecki, R. Olszewski (PL / IPC) Investigating possibilities to develop the BDT in Poland as a MRDB type database PaperOral presentation

Session 4: Brain Storming in two groups

G1 : Challenges for NMAs? Chairs : Cécile Duchêne / Colin Bray

G2 : Buildings a MRDB Introduction and Chair: Peter Hojholt

Brain storming summary

Synthesis of the day Future events of EuroSDR commission 4 and 5 - Peter Woodsford and Colin Bray Oral presentation

Saturday 21

Presentation of the ICA Commission activities - Anne Ruas / William Mackaness Oral presentation

Session 5: Algorithms

Jan-Henrik Haunert, M. Sester (G / ikg) Using the straight skeleton for generalisation in a multiple representation environment PaperOral presentation

Cécile Duchêne (FR / COGIT) The CartACom model: a generalisation model for taking relational constraints into account PaperOral presentation

Stefan Steiniger (CH / GIUZ) S. Meier (D / ipg ) Snakes: a technique for line smoothing and displacement in map generalisation PaperOral presentation

Lars Harrie (SE / NMA) Using simultaenous graphic generalisation in a system for real time maps PaperOral presentation

Monika Sester (D / ikg) Automatic Generalization of buildings for small scales using typification and Streaming generalization PaperOral presentation

Session 6: 3D and Mobility

Mark Hampe, Monika Sester (D / ikg) Generating and Using a Multi Resolution Database (MRDB) for Mobile Applications PaperOral presentation

Frank Thiemann, Monika Sester (D / ikg) Segmentation of buildings for 3D generalisation PaperOral presentation

Andrea Forberg (D / ipk ) Simplification of the 3D Building Data PaperOral presentation

Dirk Burghardt (CH / GIUZ ) Mathur Ajay (D, Axes-Systems Derivation of digital vector models - project DRIVE PaperOral presentation

Session 7: Data Enrichment

Julien Gaffuri, J. Trevisan (FR / COGIT) Role of urban patterns for building generalisation: An application of AGENT PaperOral presentation

Moritz Neun, R. Weibel, D. Burghardt (CH / GIUZ) Data enrichment for adaptive generalisation PaperOral presentation

Bin Jiang (SE / hig) Spatial clustering for mining knowledge in support of generalization processes in GIS PaperOral presentation

Qingnian Zhang (China-Sweden) Modeling Structure and Patterns in Road Network Generalization PaperOral presentation

Session 8: Brain Storming in three groups

G3: Research Agenda Introduction and Chair: Nicolas Regnauld

G4: Changes coming from the web (open sources, access…) Chair : Menno-Jan Kraak

G5: Building an Open Generalisation Platform Chair : Robert Weibel

brain storming summary

Synthesis of the workshop - William Mackaness and Anne Ruas

Sunday 22

Football match

photo .. before the match

photo .. after the match

Papers not presented

Tiina Sarjakoski, Tapani Sarjakoski (FI / NMA) A use case based mobile GI service with embedded map generalisation Paper

Jagdish Lal - Liqiu Meng (D / ipk) 3D Building recognition using artificial neural network Paper