10th ICA Workshop - Papers and program

Sunday 25th June 2006

Commission Annoucement Oral Presentation

Session 1 : Semantic Modelling in Map Generalisation - Chair: J. Gaffuri

Barbara Buttenfield, C. Frye The Fallacy of the Golden Feature in MRDBs : Data Modeling Versus Integrating New Anchor Data Paper

Omair Chaudhry, W. Mackaness Indeterminate Boundaries in Higher order phenomenon PaperOral Presentation

Geoff Dutton, A. Edwardes Ontological Modeling of GeographicalRelationship for Map Generalization PaperOral Presentation

Session 2 : Map Generalisation Services - Chair: G. Dutton

Theodor Foerster , J. Stoter Establishing an OGC Web Processing Service for generalization processes PaperOral Presentation

Ingo Petzold, D. Burghardt, M. Bobzien Workflow Management and Generalisation Services PaperOral Presentation

Peter Van Oosterom, M. de Vriers; M. Meijers Vario-scale data server in a web service context PaperOral Presentation

Discussion Groups: Web Generalisation Services - Chair A. Ruas

Session 3: Map Generalisation Methodologies - Chair B. Buttenfield

Julien Gaffuri How to merge optimization and agent-based generalization techniques in a single generalization model? PaperOral Presentation

Paul Hardy, J-L Monnot; D Lee An Optimization Approach To Constraint-Based Generalization In a Commodity GIS Framework PaperOral Presentation

Bülent Cetinkaya, S. Aslan, Y. Sengun, O-N Cobankaya, D. Er Ilgin Contour Simplification with Defined Spatial Accuracies PaperOral Presentation

Session 4 : Map Generalization in Production Environment - Chair: Peter van Oosterom

Patrick Revell, N. Regnauld, S. Thom Generalising and Symbolising Ordnance Survey Base Scale Data to Create a Prototype 1:50 000 Scale Vector Ma PaperOral Presentation

François Lecordix, J-M Le Gallic, L Gondol Clarity(TM) experimentation for cartographic generalisation in production PaperOral Presentation

Karel Stanek Design of a support system for cartographic generalization of a topographic reference base PaperOral Presentation

Dariusz Gotlib, Robert Olszewski Integration of the Topographic Database, VMap L2 Database and selected cadastral data - a step towards the integrated, MRDB reference database in Poland PaperOral Presentation

Discussion Groups on Production Needs - Chair: W. Mackaness