11th ICA Workshop - Papers and program

Wednesday 1st

8pm : meet at the lobby of the COSMOS hotel (Conference Center) to eat jointly

Thursday 2nd

9.00-9.30 Presentation of the Commission activites (2003-2007)

Session 1 : Modelling Multi Scale Networks

Stuart Thom (UK,NMA) Automatic Resolution of Road Network Conflicts using Displacement Algorithms Orchestrated by Software Agents PaperOral presentationImage

Guillaume Touya (Fr, COGIT) A Road Network Selection Process Based on Data. Enrichment and Structure Detection PaperOral presentation

Discussion on Network 10.30-11 : Coffee Break

Session 2 : Generalisation in Production Environments

François Lecordix, J-M Le Gallic, L. Gondol, A. Braun (Fr / NMA) Development of a new generalisation flow line for topographic maps PaperOral presentation

Blanca Baella, M. Pla (Sp / NMA) J. Palomar-Vasquez, J Pardo-Pascual (Sp / Univ.) Deriving the relief of the Topographic Database of Catalonia at 1:25,000: spot heights generalization from the master database PaperOral presentation

Patrick Revell (UK / OS) Generic Tools For Generalising Ordnance Survey Base Scale Landcover Data PaperOral presentation

Discussion on Production line 12.30-2pm : LUNCH

Session 3 : Web Based Services and generalisation on demand

Theodor Foerster, J Stoter, R. Lemmens (NL / ITC) Towards automatic web-based generalisation processing: a case study PaperOral presentation

Nicolas Regnauld (UK / OS) Evolving from automating existing map production systems to producing maps on demand automatically PaperOral presentation

Discussion and Brain Storming on web generalisation services

4pm: end of the first day 4-6: EuroSDR Meeting for the EuroSDR Group. Oral presentation 7.15pm: meet at the lobby of the COSMOS hotel (Conference Center) to eat jointly

Friday 3rd

8:30-9:00 : Synthesis on Web generalisation Services

Session 4 : MRDB and Data Enrichment Methodologies

Katalin Toth (EU,JRC) Data consistency and multiple-representation in the ESDI PaperOral presentation

Babs Buttenfield, E. Wolf (USA, Univ.) “The Road and the River Should Cross at the Bridge” Problem: Establishing Internal and Relative Topology in an MRDB PaperOral presentation

Patrick Lüscher, Dirk Burghardt, Robert Weibel (Ch,Univ.) Ontology-driven Enrichment of Spatial Databases PaperOral presentation

Discussion on MRDB and Data Enrichment

10.30-11: Coffee Break

Session 5 : Aggregating and Partitioning Geographic Information

Jan Haunert (G / IFK) Efficient area aggregation by combination of different techniques PaperOral presentation

Omair Chaudhry, W. Mackaness (UK / Univ) Utilising Membership Information in the Creation of Hierarchical Geographies PaperOral presentation

Discussion on Aggregation 12.30-2pm: LUNCH

Session 6 : Formalising and Capturing of Cartographic Knowledge

J-L Monnot, Dan Lee, Paul Hardy (USA / ESRI) Topological constraints, actions, and reflexes for generalization by optimization Paper

Patrick Taillandier (Fr, COGIT) Automatic Knowledge Revision of a Generalisation System PaperOral presentation

D. Burghardt, Stefan Schmid (CH, Univ.), Jantien Stoter (NL / ITC) Investigations on cartographic constraint formalisation PaperOral presentation

Discussion and Brain Storming on cartographic knowledge  3.30-4pm: Coffee

Session 7 : Future of Generalisation and MRDB

Brain Storming: main challenges for the next 10 years. Report ICA Commission: Next challenges and agenda 5.30 : END OF THE WORKSHOP