12th ICA Workshop - Papers and presentations

Industry platforms and production lines

Practical Research in Generalization of European National Framework Data From 1:10k to 1:50k, Exercising and Extending an Industry-Standard GIS P. Hardy (ESRI), D. Lee, J. van Smaalen - slides

Applied Generalization & MRDB for Mapping Agencies using Open, Geospatial Clients  V. Smith (Intergraph) - slides

Advances of 1Spatial in generalisation  G. Stickler (1Spatial) - slides

A Review of the Clarity Generalisation Platform and the Customisations Developed at Ordnance Survey Research P. Revell (Ordnance Survey) - slides

Generalisation of networks

User Centric Mapping for Car Navigation Systems A.O. Dogru (Istambul Technical University), C. Duchêne, S. Mustière, N.N. Ulugtekin - slides

Development of a Knowledge-Based Network Pruning Strategy for Automated Generalisation of the United States National Hydrography Dataset L. Stanislawski (USGS) - slides

Orchestration of the generalisation process

Object-field relationships modelling in an agent-based generalisation model J. Gaffuri (IGN France), C. Duchêne, A. Ruas - slides

Partitioning Techniques to Make Manageable the Generalisation of National Spatial Datasets O.Z. Chaudry, W.A. Mackaness(University of Edinburgh) - slides

First Thoughts for the Orchestration of Generalisation Methods on Heterogeneous Landscapes G. Touya (IGN France) - slides

Towards an Interoperable Web Generalisation Services Framework – Current Work in Progress T. Foerster (ITC), D. Burghardt, M. Neun, N. Regnauld, J. Swan, R. Weibel - slides

Managing multiple representations

Towards a Data Model for Update Propagation in MR-DLM S. Zhou (Ordnance Survey), N. Regnauld, C. Roensdorf - slides

Using the constrained tGAP for generalisation of IMGeo to Top10NL model A. Hofman (Logica Nederland), P. Dilo, P. van Oosterom, N. Borkens - slides

International surveys

A study on the state-of-the-art in automated map generalisation J. Stoter, C. Duchêne, G. Touya, B. Baella, M. Pla, P.Rosenstand, N. Regnauld (Ordnance Survey), H. Uitermark, D. Burghardt, S. Schmid, K.-H. Anders, F. Dávila - slides

Generalisation operators for practice - a survey at national mapping agencies T. Foerster (ITC), J. Stoter - slides

Evaluation and data enrichment

Methodologies for the evaluation of generalised data derived with commercial available generalisation systems D. Burghardt (University of Zurich), S. Schmid, C. Duchene, J. Stoter, B. Baelaa, N. Regnauld, G. Touya - slides

Usability Testing of Legibility Constraints H. Stigmar (Lund University, NLS), L. Harrie - slides

Machine-based Interpretation of Map Requirements for Automated Evaluation of Generalized Data X. Zhang (ITC, Wuhan University), J. Stoter, T. Ai - slides

Alternative options of using processing knowledge to populate ontologies for the recognition of urban concepts P. Luscher (University of Zurich), R. Weibel, D. Burghardt - slides

Generalisation operators

A transition from simplification to generalisation of natural occurring lines B. Nakos (NTU Athen), J. Gaffuri, S. Mustière - slides

High Quality Building Generalization by Extending the Morphological Operators J. Damen, M. van Kreveld (Utrecht University), B. Spaan - slides

Automated Cell Based Generalization of Virtual 3D City Models with Dynamic Landmark Highlighting T. Glander (University of Potsdam), J. Dollner - slides