13th ICA Workshop - Papers and presentations

Invited talks

Generalisation in INSPIRE  Julien Gaffuri.

Outcomes from GDI’2010 (Generalisation and Data Integration Symposium in Boulder)  Barbara Buttenflied.

ICA Generalisation workshops (1995-2010), from past generalisation workshops to future works on the field  Dirk Burghardt.

Session 1: Generalisation in Practice: Softwares, Map products…

EuroSDR research on state-of-the-art of automated generalisation  Jantien Stoter, Blanca Baella , Connie Blok , Dirk Burghardt , Cecile Duchene , Maria Pla , Nicolas Regnauld Guillaume Touya. (slides)

The Generalization of the Canadian Landmass: A Federal Perspective Daniel Pilon , Alexandre Beaulieu and Nouri Sabo. (slides)

User-directed generalization of roads and buildings for multi-scale cartography Edith Punt and David Watkins. (slides)

Session 2: Methods and constraints for generalisation

A generic approach for simplification of buiding ground plan Hongchao Fan and Liqiu Meng. (slides)

Ant Colony Optimization Applied to Map Generalization Nigel Richards and Mark Ware. (slides)

Towards constraint formulation for chorematic schematisation tasks - work in progress Andreas Reimer and Joachim Fohringer.

Session 3: Evaluation of generalization quality

Analytical estimation of map legibility Hanna Stigmar, Lars Harrie and Milan Djordjevic. ([slides]https://gitlab.com/ica-gen/workshop-proceedings/-/raw/main/ica-gen-downloads/ica-gen/workshop2010/2010-ICAWSGene-2.pdf))

City Model Generalization Similarity Measurement using Nested Structure of Earth Mover’s Distance Bo Mao, Hongchao Fan, Lars Harrie, Yifang Ban and Liqiu Meng. (slides)

Generalization of Hydrographic Features and Automated Metric Assessment Through Bootstrapping Lawrence Stanislawski , Barbara Buttenfield and V.A. Samaranayake. (slides)

Session 4: Generalisation in Practice: Softwares, Map products…

Implementation of Comprehensive Modeling Techniques on KARTOGEN Generalization Software Özlem Simav , Serdar Aslan , Bülent Çetinkaya and Osman Nuri Çobankaya. (slides)

Capitalisation problem in research - example of a new platform for generalisation : CartAGen Jérémy Renard , Julien Gaffuri and Cécile Duchêne. (slides)

Session 5: Browsing semantics for generalisation

Linked Data – A Multiple Representation Database at Web Scale? Stefan Hahmann and Dirk Burghardt. (slides)

Semantics Matters: Cognitively Plausible Delineation of City Centres from Point of Interest Data Patrick Lüscher and Robert Weibel.

Session 6: Data enrichment and partitioning for generalisation

Relevant Space Partioning for Collaborative Generalisation Guillaume Touya. (slides)

Generating Strokes of Road Networks Based on Pattern Recognition Xuechen Luan and Bisheng Yang. (slides)

Data enrichment for road generalization through analysis of morphology in the CARGEN project Sandro Savino, Massimo Rumor, Matteo Zanon and Igor Lissandron. (slides)

Session 7: Generalisation for mobile

Generalisation of point data for mobile devices: A problem-oriented approach Pia Bereuter and Robert Weibel. (slides)

Mobile map generalization approach considering user locational context Jie Shen, Junfei Shi and Yi Long. (slides)