9th ICA Workshop - Papers and program

Find program as PDF file here.

Thursday, 7th, July

9h00-9h15 - Welcome

9h15-11h00 - Session 1 : National mapping Agencies - Results, Projects, Requirements

B. Baella, M. Pla (ICC, Spain), Reorganizing the Topographic Databases of the Institut Cartogràphic de Catalunya Applying Generalisation

A. Féchir, J. De Waele (IGN, Belgium), The Future Production of Generalised Maps at IGN Belgium

F. Lecordix, Y. Jahard, C. Lemarié, E. Hauboin (IGN, France), The end of Carto 2001 Project: Top100 based on BDCarto® database (warning 35 MB)

F. Lecordix (IGN,France) , N. Regnauld (OS,UK), M. Meyer (KMS,Denmark), A. Féchir (IGN,Belgium), MAGNET Consortium

J. Stöter (ITC, Netherlands), Generalisation: the gap between research and practice

11h00-11h30 - Coffee break 11h30-12h30 - Discussions in small groups 12h30-13h00 - Synthesis of discussions in small groups 13h00-14h30 - LUNCH

14h30-16h15 – Session 2 : Platform, Architecture, Modelling

M. Sester (University of Hannover) Invited presentation, Overview of the GiMoDig Project

E. Bernier, Y. Bédard, F. Hubert (CRG, Université Laval, Québec), UMapIT: An On-Demand Web Mapping Tool Based on a Multiple Representation Database

M. Bozkurt, R. Groth, B. Hansson, L. Harrie. P. Ringberg, H. Stigmar, K. Torpel (Lund university and SonyEricsson, Sweden), Towards Extending Web Map Services for Mobile Applications

M. Neun, D. Burghardt (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), Web Services for an Open Generalisation Research Platform

C. Duchêne, M. Dadou, A. Ruas (IGN, France), Helping the Capture and Analysis of Expert Knowledge to support Generalisation

16h15-16h45 - Coffee break

16h45-17h30 – Session 3 : GIS vendors

V. Smith (Intergraph, USA), Demonstrable Interoperability of Agent-based Generalization with Open, Geospatial Clients

P. Hardy, D. Lee (ESRI, USA), Multiple Representations with Overrides, and their relationship to DLM/DCM Generalization

17h30-18h30 – Brainstorming in small groups: semantic network of knowledge related to generalisation

18h30-19h00 – Synthesis and analysis of brainstorming

Friday, 8th, July

9h30-10h00 – ICA Commission: presentation of activities

10h00-11h10 – Session 4: Generalisation processes, operations and algorithms (1)

J.T. Bjørke (FFI and UMB, Norway), Invited presentation, Information Theory for Selection

S. Thom (OS, UK), A Strategy for Collapsing OS Integrated Transport Network™ dual carriageways

M. Galanda, R. Koehnen, J. Schroeder, R. McMaster (Univ. of Minnesota, USA), Automated Generalization of Historical U.S. Census Unit

11h10-11h40 - Coffee break

11h40-12h40 – Session 5: Generalisation processes, operations and algorithms (2)

O. Chaudhry, W. Mackaness (Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland), Visualisation of Settlements Over Large Changes in Scale

P. Revell (OS, UK), Seeing the Wood from the Trees: Generalising OS MasterMap® Tree Coverage Polygons to Woodland at 1:50 000 Scale

K. Zaksek, T. Podobnikar (Institute for Anthropological and Spatial Studies, Slovenia), An Effective DEM Generalization with Basic GIS Operations

12h40-14h30 - LUNCH

14h30-16h15 – Session 6: Data Analysis, Enrichment and Matching

J.-H.Haunert (Univ. of Hannover, Germany), Link based Conflation of Geographic Datasets

M. Zhang, W. Shi, L. Meng (Univ. of Munich, Germany), A generic matching algorithm for line networks of different resolutions

A. Edwardes (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), Modelling space for cartometric analysis: a grid-based approach

J. Gaffuri (IGN, France), Toward a taken into account of the “background themes” in a multi-agent generalisation process

S. Steiniger, R. Weibel (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), Relations and Structures in Categorical Maps

16h15-16h45 - Coffee break 16h45-17h45 – Discussions in small groups 17h45-18h15 – Synthesis of discussions 18h15-18h45 – Synthesis of workshop, future events…