Terms of reference

  1. To foster research and practical experience in multi-scale issues and automated map generalisation and to form a network and focal point for researchers and practitioners in this domain.
  2. To foster and maintain a liaison with related commissions and working groups within the ICA as well as in related national and international organisations (e.g. ISPRS, IGU, EuroSDR), including:
    • identification of contact persons
    • timely mutual updating on planned activities
    • organisation of joint conference sessions and/or workshops
  3. To maintain a World Wide Web site for electronic dissemination of research on multiscale issues and map generalisation, including :
    • a membership database,
    • a bibliographic database,
    • examples of research projects and test data,
    • links to related web sites,
    • and (optionally) an electronic discussion list.
  4. To organise sessions and meetings for exploring the issues named above, including :
    • workshops held every two years in conjunction with international cartographic conferences
    • special sessions and/or panel sessions at international cartographic conferences, in collaboration with local organisers
  5. To produce publications for dissemination of the above efforts, including one special issue of a peer-reviewed scientific journal or a book every two years.