12th ICA Workshop - General information


This workshop has been organised jointly between the International Cartographic AssociationEuroSDR and the Dutch program RGI. It has been hosted at LIRMM, in Montpellier, France, on 2008, 20-21 June.


Presentations have been organised in 7 sessions: 

  • Industry platforms and generalisation production lines, 
  • Generalisation of networks, 
  • Evaluation and data enrichment,
  • Large-Scale International Projects,
  • Managing multiple-representation,
  • Orchestration of the generalisation process,
  • Generalisation algorithms,

Papers and presentations can be downloaded from here


6 discussion sessions have been organsied around the following topics: 

  • Generalisation Web Services (chair: Nico Regnauld) 
  • Formalising map specifications / defining user requirements (chair: William Mackaness) 
  • Generalisation for 3D man made objects (chair: Tassilo Glander) 
  • Updating and generalisation / Updating and Multi-Rep (chair: Peter van Oosterom) 
  • Generalisation in thematic mapping (chair: Cécile Duchêne) 
  • Ways forward in contextual generalisation (chair: Robert Weibel) 


Many thanks to all the 38 attendees for this very dynamic event. The full list of attendees can be seen here


Organising committee: William Mackaness, Sebastien Mustiere, Peter van Oosterom, Jantien Stoter

Reviewing committee: Karl-Henrich Anders, Cindy Brewer, Dirk Burghardt, Cécile Duchêne, Jan-Henrik Haunert, Liqiu Meng, Keith Murray, Nicolas Regnauld, Anne Ruas, Tiina Sarjakoski, Monika Sester, Katalin Toth, Christelle Vangenot, Robert Weibel.